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Welcome to "Sunrise Farm"
8087 State Rte. 22
Granville, New York
You'll be impressed by 238+/- diverse acres .... breathtaking views, a lovely pond,
2,200'+/- frontage on the Indian River, 5,400,+/- of frontage on Rte. 22,
several outbuildings, plus a circa 10 room colonial farmhouse.
This Early Period Colonial, approx. 127 years old, remains intact.
You'll discover little has changed.
You'll find period moldings, board floors, a country kitchen, and much more.
It could be restored to its original splendor.
There is a private interior roadway, crisscrossing fertile meadows, corn fields, and pastures.
The views to the east overlooking the nearby Green Mountains of Vermont, are mesmerizing.
You won't find any better!!!
You'll travel over a series of plateaus, ascending higher, and higher, with each level reveling exhilarating views.
There are countless vantage points ideal for your dream home.
Just imagine building a glass contemporary.
Hunters, hikers, nature lovers and astronomers alike, will be able to see into the heavens.
The wildlife is incredible!!
You'll be able to see deer, and turkeys, grazing in the meadows while red tail hawks circle above.
You'll look upon patch work meadows below, framed within the majestic Green Mountains of Vermont.
Would be poets will find peace, tranquility, and inspiration.
There are hidden glens, and glades, among gently rolling meadows,
active corn fields, and sky high pastures.
If you have ever dreamt of building a glass home, overlooking inspiring views,
you may never find a more beautiful location,
This farm is very special!!!
Each plateau revealed another secrete hideaway.
As I traveled across "Sunrise Farm", I came across a hen turkey, followed by a long beard, mature Tom.
Turkey hunters will think they are in turkey heaven! So will deer hunters!!
I saw these turkey just days before the spring season opener.
I saw several deer, just couldn't get their picture.  Oh, well!!
This cotton tail thought he was hiding. Actually he was well camouflaged.
He was hiding alongside the river.
There is approx. 2,250' road frontage on the west side of NY Rte. 22, and approx. 2,260' on the east side.
There is approx. 218 acres on the west side, and approx. 20 acres on the east side.
Owning both sides of the road gives you control over any future endeavors.
There are plenty of uses regarding this 40' x 90'+/- Quonset hut.
Store hay, machinery, house animals, perhaps a farmers market, antique fair, etc, etc ....
Vendors can display and sell their wares regardless of the weather beneath this great structure.
4 of the most often sought after features of land, are rarely found together.
They are open, tillable farmland, views, forestland, and water features.
"Sunrise Farm" has all 4 and much, much more.
It's an anomaly to have 2 water features, let alone one.
You'll have a private pond, plus an impressive 2,200'+/- frontage along the ageless "Indian River".
Anglers will find fishing to be a challenge.
The waters are known to harbor Brown Trout.
This clear water, mountain fed stream, nourishes fighting Brown Trout, and perhaps an occasional brookie.
It is an ecosystem in itself!
It's virtually a community of living organisms, large and small, some aquatic, some feathered.
It's not uncommon to see geese, and mallards floating on the surface.
Overhanging banks, tree roots, and limbs, makes for ideal habitat for trout to flourish.
I have personally caught several brilliantly colored browns.
They can get big, due to the cover they hide within.
Have your ever seen such clear water?
It's not often you'll find a clear water, stone bottom stream in such a pristine condition.
It's unspoiled!!
There is a 24' x 60'+/- silo, able to contain approx. 720 tons of feed.
This charming storage barn with its slate roof, has survived the ages.
It's suitable for a number of uses.
Alongside the home in the door yard, you'll discover another stream and a great chicken house.
The home is heated by an outdoor wood furnace.
There is an endless supply of firewood scattered about the land.
The brick structure served as both a pump house and smoke house.
Situated high above the valley, is this classic wrap around porch.
The original columns are intact with decorative accent railings.
The views are fantastic!!
The living room is huge, a spacious 16' x 30'+/-.
The board floors are original, including the square nails
The crown moldings, door, and window moldings, and the mop boards are also original.
The view through 2 picture windows, is simply gorgeous!!
The kitchen has remained unchanged for years.
Let your imagination be your guide!
Just think, you can ride horses, snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, cross country ski, hike,
hunt deer, turkeys, geese, small game, fish for fighting Brown Trout, perhaps have a flea market, farmers market, antiques shop,
raise crops, horses, beef, sheep, etc, etc, etc ....
"There is no zoning".
Good potential for a Bed & Breakfast
**Note:  The current owner receives the following exemptions:  Aged Star, Combat Veterans, and Agricultural.
Currently paying approx. $4,129.69
Taxes without exemptions would be approx. $9,200.00
We're hoping you have been looking for a farm.
If you have, then you'll know "Sunrise Farm" is very reasonably priced!!