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Welcome to
"Silver Maple Farm"
205 Shaftsbury Hollow Road
White Creek, New York
122 Acres, babbling stream, 8 room farmhouse, huge barn, deer camp, stunning views, woods, pastures,
wildlife galore, and much, much more!!
Do you enjoy farming, hunting, horseback, and 4 wheel riding, snowmobiling, cross country, and downhill skiing, snow shoeing, fishing, and the like?
If you do, it can all be done to your hearts content, on "Silver Maple Farm".
Simply  put, this land will enable you to enjoy countless endeavors.
The views are beyond words!
Located on the South East Corner of the 122 Acres, just a few feet from the farmhouse,
is a stone monument marking the boundary between New York State, and Vermont State.
The entire Eastern most border of "Silver Maple Farm", for approx. 4,400', is virtually the State of Vermont.
Even more intriguing, the Northern most boundary, is the Chestnut Hill, New York State, forest land preserve,
comprising approx. 801 acres, open to public hunting.
If you're a hunter, you'll think your in hunting heaven.
The view from the front porch, overlooks the nearby Green Mountains of Vermont.
The property is approx. 10 minutes to Bennington, Vermont, approx. 40 minutes to Albany International Airport,
Saratoga thoroughbred racetrack, and casino, and North Adams, Mass.
From the back yard, you can see "White Creek".
This cool, clear water mountain fed creek, is known to harbor trout.
While I was exploring the land, I was able to photograph 5 Mallard Ducks, swimming in this beautiful stream.
Wildlife is abundant!
I came prepared with boots, and camera in hand to explore 122 incredible acres.
I chose to walk from the house on my journey across the land.
There is also vehicle access to the back pastures, woodland, and deer camp, via an established, deeded right of way.
As soon as I crossed the creek, I jumped a deer, who proved too fast to photograph.
This photo shows one of may trails crisscrossing the land.
Note how clear the water is.
On my ascent from the creek, I entered a beautiful pasture, and was greeted by one of the area residents.
He seemed content, soaking in the suns rays.
At this point, I realized the views are magical!
As I walked along one of the numerous trails, I was awestruck by the incredible views from "Silver Maple Farm".
The camera lens can't begin to capture this very special place.
The views looking into Vermont, are hard to put into words.
What a fantastic place to build a home, subject to necessary permits, state, and or local may be required.
The views to the South, overlooking New York State, were equally impressive!
The views have to be seen to understand the unequaled nature of this magnificent setting.
As I ventured along the woodland trail, searching for the hunting cabin, I came across a White Birch Forest.
It's beautiful!!

Being an avid hunter, and nature lover, I'm always looking for natural food sources, to support the area wildlife.

It was nice to see countless apple trees, among other food sources.

Not far from the apple tree, I discovered an active scrape, made by a Whitetail Buck.

As my journey continued, I wasn't surprised to see numerous wildlife trails, dotted by deer tracks in the fresh snow.

There were tracks everywhere!!

Not only did I see countless deer tracks, I also came across a large amount of Turkey tracks.

It appeared there were numerous turkeys living on, or about, "Silver Maple Farm".

Far from the hustle & bustle of every day life, I discovered this one room deer camp. It needs work.

It's repairable, however, it hasn't been used for years.

I'll bet countless memories were created in this endearing camp.

You can almost hear laughter, and stories being told, over a pot of hot Venison Stew.

Not far from the deer camp, I noticed a row of State Forest land signs, marking the boundary of Chestnut Hill, NY State forestland.  (Open to public hunting)

Comprising 802+/- acres.

Talk about a great hunting opportunity .... this is it!!!!

As I began my decent from the highland, I followed a recreational vehicle trail, crisscrossed by countless wildlife trails.

I discovered numerous apple trees, and plentiful wildlife habitat.

I was very impressed by what I saw.

I wasn't quick enough to capture on camera, a brilliantly colored Cardinal, feeding among wild berries.

I'll bet he wasn't alone?

Partridge are known to enjoy both berries, and apples.

I didn't have to be quick to photograph the wonderful views.

In fact, I stood there thinking about, and enjoying this incredible property.

This is just one of many places to build a glass contemporary, log cabin, chalet, etc. etc ....

Just as the daylight was fading, I noticed the silo, and farmhouse peeking out from the valley below.

I walked a couple of hours, and didn't begin to see all that "Silver Maple Farm" has to offer.

I did realize, that I just walked an exhilarating property.

My imagination was racing, contemplating all that one could do, on this phenomenal land, for years, and years to come.

The possibilities are near endless.

This massive, 2 story barn, approx. 30' x 186', was used as a dairy operation during years past.

It can still be used for countless agricultural endeavors.

Let your imagination be your guide.

At one point, it was home to approx. 80 dairy cattle.

It's capable of storing thousands of hay bales.

The stainless steel bulk tank is still intact.


The 8 room farmhouse offer approx. 1,600 sq. ft. of living area.

It features 2 bedrooms, and a full bath on the second level.

There is a living room, featuring a fireplace, a dining room, eat in kitchen, parlor, bedroom, bath and laundry on the first floor.

The home is in need of repair, and modernization.

The home is outdated, however it is most likely livable, with some immediate repair, and updates.

It's possible someone may wish to subdivide, and sell the farmhouse, and build the home of their dreams elsewhere on the 122 acres. (permits would be required)


If this old tractor could talk, I bet it could tell some great stories.

You won't find any prettier land anywhere.

The right person could bring "Silver Maple Farm" back to its hay day.

You may just be the right person!!